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  • Self Assessment is a system HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) uses to collect Income Tax. You can find further information about Self Assessment by clicking link number 1 under Helpful Information.
  • Tax is usually deducted automatically from wages, pensions and savings. People and businesses with other income must report it in a tax return.
  • You can find out more about who needs to send a tax return using the link number 2 under Helpful Information.
  • You can register and file your tax return online or send a paper form. You need to register for Self Assessment via the Government Gateway.
  • Register before 5 October following the end of the tax year you need to send a tax return for. It can take 20 working days (this is usually 4 weeks) to complete the registration process. Make sure you leave plenty of time so you can send your tax return by the deadline.
  • There are deadlines for sending your Self Assessment tax return to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and paying any money you owe.
  • Example – for the 2014/15 tax year the deadline for submitting paper returns is Midnight 31 Oct 2015, the deadline for submitting Online Tax returns is Midnight 31 January 2016 and the deadline to pay the tax you owe is Midnight 31 January 2016. 
  • You can find more information about deadlines by clicking link number 3 under Helpful Information.
  • You need to keep records (payslips, bank statements or receipts) so you can fill in your tax return correctly. HMRC will calculate what you owe based on information you put in your tax return. 
  • If you need to send a tax return and you miss the deadline for submitting it or paying your bill you will get a penalty (fine).
  • You can appeal to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) against a penalty (fine) if you have a reasonable excuse. You can write to HMRC, giving your reasons for appealing. Ask us for advice if you wish to appeal.

Helpful Information

1. Self Assessment
Further information about Self Assessment.
2. Who must send a Tax Return
Information about the circumstances in which you need to send a Tax Return.
3. Self Assessment Deadlines
Deadlines for sending your tax return to HMRC and for paying any money you owe.

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